Libra Hoop

Exquisite 18K gold earrings, adorned with 200 small, round diamonds totaling 1ct. Each diamond is carefully selected for its G+ color grade and VS clarity, ensuring a brilliant sparkle with every turn.

Material: White Gold

Material: White Gold
White Gold
Yellow Gold
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Production & Delivery Schedule

Each piece is custom-made, requiring up to 6 weeks for crafting. Once ready, we'll notify you with a tracking number. Delivery times vary by location and selected shipping method. We value your patience as we create your unique item. For questions, please contact us.

Color & Clarity

At Giselle Jewellery, we are dedicated to offering diamonds of superb quality, emphasizing the pivotal aspects of clarity and color. Our diamonds, situated in the upper tiers of these metrics, epitomize the exceptional standard we uphold.

Our collection features diamonds predominantly in the "Very, Very Slightly Included" (VVS1 and VVS2) and "Very Slightly Included" (VS1 and VS2) categories. These grades indicate minimal inclusions, barely perceptible even under magnification, ensuring each diamond's pristine and luminous appearance.

In the realm of color, our diamonds fall within the esteemed "Near Colorless" range (G, H, I, J), particularly focusing on G and G+ grades. These grades mean our diamonds possess only faint traces of color, appearing almost colorless, a trait that amplifies their brilliance and appeal.

Giselle Jewellery's commitment to such high standards of clarity and color guarantees that each diamond we present is not just a jewel but a symbol of unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship. Your choice of a Giselle Jewellery diamond is a testament to timeless elegance and quality.

IGI-Authenticated Jewels

At Giselle Jewellery, each piece of our exquisite collection comes with a stamp of authenticity and quality - a certificate from the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Renowned for their expertise in Jewelry & Gemstone Grading, IGI's certification ensures that your chosen jewel meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. This seal of approval from a globally recognized authority adds an extra layer of trust and value, making your purchase not just an item of beauty but a certified treasure.

Shop with confidence, knowing that each gemstone and jewel from Giselle Jewellery is backed by the prestigious IGI certification.

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