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Support Child Focus with the "Heart of Gold" Bracelet

By purchasing this unique bracelet, you directly contribute to Child Focus's missions, aiding in their ongoing fight against child sexual abuse imagery. Your support enables the continuation of crucial services and interventions that these young victims desperately need. Take a stand against child abuse. Purchase your "Heart of Gold" bracelet now and be a part of a global movement towards a safer future for our children. Together, we can make a real difference.

Giselle Jewellery stands out because of our heartfelt promise: every penny we earn goes straight to the Georges Foundation. This special dedication means that each piece of jewelry you buy is more than just an accessory; it's a direct contribution to a noble cause. The Georges Foundation dedicates its efforts to assisting disadvantaged children in Belgium, offering them essential support they need for a better life and a hopeful future.


Our collections reflect our conviction that elegance and ethical responsibility can blend seamlessly. We welcome Guest Designers to craft exclusive, limited edition series, adding a vibrant diversity and unexpected flair to our range. This approach not only diversifies our offerings but also strengthens our commitment to backing significant causes. Through these partnerships, we're pushing forward our dream of a world where fashion becomes a catalyst for positive change.