Heart of Gold x Child Focus

By purchasing this unique bracelet, you directly contribute to Child Focus's missions, aiding in their ongoing fight against child sexual abuse imagery. Your support enables the continuation of crucial services and interventions that these young victims desperately need.

Product: Bracelet

Product: Bracelet

Size: Baby (11-13cm)

Size: Baby (11-13cm)
Baby (11-13cm)
Child (13-15cm)
XS (14-16cm)
S (16-18cm)
M (17-19cm)
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Product Details

Designer: Crafted by Louise, the renowned designer behind Giselle Jewellery and the influential Georges Foundation, this bracelet embodies a commitment to both style and social responsibility.

Material: Available in exquisite 9-karat gold, this bracelet is designed to make a lasting statement.

Charm Detail: At the heart of the design is a delicately perforated heart medallion, symbolizing the love and care poured into every piece and the lives it aims to touch.

Sizes: The "Heart of Gold" bracelet is inclusively designed to fit all ages, with sizes available for adults, teens, and babies, ensuring that anyone can show their support.

Elegant Gift Packaging

Each 'Heart of Gold' bracelet comes in an elegant gift packaging, making it an ideal present to share with someone special. Give the gift of love and support with this meaningful piece from Giselle Jewellery.

Join Us

Make a difference today by wearing your heart on your wrist. Show your golden heart with this exclusive bracelet and help turn the tide in this crucial battle. For those who wish to extend their support further, consider making a donation to Child Focus directly.

Take a stand against child abuse. Purchase your "Heart of Gold" bracelet now and be a part of a global movement towards a safer future for our children. Together, we can make a real difference.

  • All proceeds from the 'Heart of Gold' bracelet are donated to Child Focus, supporting their relentless efforts to combat child sexual abuse.
  • Give with heart. We care. Ignite a spark for positive change.


Featuring campaign imagery by Lesley Hoste

Introducing the 'Golden Heart Collection' from Giselle Jewellery, beautifully captured through the lens of Lesley Hoste. We utilized Lesley's renowned photographic expertise to enhance our campaign supporting Child Focus in their fight against child sexual abuse imagery. Each photograph in the collection showcases the elegance of the 9-karat gold 'Heart of Gold' bracelet and embodies the spirit of solidarity and support for this vital cause.

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